You think Color Difference is easy being calculation? 有沒有色差其實很複雜的八卦?

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Hello, I am Colorful Blanche.

Today I want to  share some knowledge about Color Difference, which is an important topic in Color Science.





Why should we need Color Difference(ΔE)?    為何我們需要色差?

 Have you ever noticed that there’re some ties in same design, same color theoretically, but you just feel a little bit different of them.



Or imagining that you are a designer and also a perfectionist, received the thread that color doesn’t match with sample color, then you call back to salesman, and he tell you that they are the same color(to him).



Maybe you don’t care that small difference on color at all, but in some industry, they do! For example, textile and print business that need to manage the consistency of color. So, application of Color Difference  in our daily life is everywhere!

 也許你不會在意這點小色差,但對於某些產業來說,這可是個大問題!  舉凡有關紡織、印刷等相關產業,色彩管理的一致性可是很重要的。所以,我們的日常生活怎能缺少色差這件事情呢?


International Commission on Illumination(CIE)    國際照明委員會

“ The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) formed in the early 1900s to standardize the fields of colorimetry, photometry, and imaging. The commission addressed the topic of color difference in 1976, introducing the world to the concept of Delta E. ”  – Zachary Schuessler

國際照明委員會,也稱作 CIE ,於 1913 創立,此組織關注色彩、影像、光度學,且在 1976 時發表了色差公式,向大家介紹關於色差的概念

(image source:

Formula of Color Difference      色差公式其實有點複雜

If you want to know more about the derivation of formula, you can find on here or some professional books. I only put a little simple graphics here to introduce the concept.




So, what’s the definition of Delta E (ΔE)? You can think that can represent a distance of 2 color.

所以色差(ΔE)的定義是什麼呢? 你可以把它想成是兩個顏色之間的距離


First formula of Color Difference is CIE76, as shown  below.

而最早推出的色差公式是 CIE76,如下圖所表達的(CIELAB 色差)

(image source: ALAN MARTIN)


CIE76 is easy to be used because it’s simple calculation. However, we need high accuracy of it. So, CIE improved the formula called CIE94 show as follow. I know it looks so different with CIE76(and more complicated). But it truly performed better than CIE76.

CIE76 一推出,很容易能被使用因為計算式簡單。而後,工業界在應用上發生些問題,所以希望 CIE 能夠推出更高準確度的公式。在 1994 年推出進化版色差公式 CIE94,公式如下圖。雖然看起來滿複雜,而且和第一個公式長得好不一樣……但的確表現的比 CIE76來得好!

(image source: Kurabo)

Then, CIE refined the formula called CIEDE2000 to solve some problems.  Until now, it’s the most accurate color difference formula!

後來 CIE 又重新的修改色差公式以解決一些問題,稱為 CIEDE2000 ,直到現在為止都是相較其他色差公式較為準確的喔!(如果想聽公式解釋也歡迎留言XD)

(image source:


After explaining the concept of color difference.

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